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Just take a moment

Posted by Dimension672 - September 12th, 2019

My original account: @kingpug672 will no longer be in use. I recommend you follow me here if you plan to stay in touch. Thank You.

Long story short... "I like to draw, I need friends--ANNNNNND I enjoy giving people oxygen tanks... Why? Cuz it makes me feel good!"

Shout Out List

@KingPug672 (Is on Newgrounds) that's a me, KP!

@TheRedEyedPeeper (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah Bro

@TylerThePanda (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah frand

@MrBlitz2017 (Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

@Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

@Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)---That's mah loyal buddy

@IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)

LemonSquidNG (He doesn't have a newgrounds)----Rest In Peace, died May 7th 2019. Suicide


@Thecheckeredcalhoun (is on newgrounds)---A very skilled artist

@Maffei-1 (Is on newgrounds)---another wonderful artist

@Raintheracoon (is on newgrounds)---Earths Being

@Redeyesthesecound (is on newgrounds)---STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. HIS NAME IS ONLY HERE AS A WARNING

@sagelighting671 (is on newgrounds)--- A proper furry

@0nef0 (is on newgrounds)---shes not a dwarf, she's an elf

@paladintiger (is on newgrounds)---A badass artist

@Kotsu-Kun (is on Newgrounds)---an amazing artist, great style

@BlueNova11 (is on newgrounds)---A wonderful artist, they do some great traditional artwork also!

@AliGonzheimer (is on newgrounds)---A kind artist with a relaxing style

@LazyMuffin (is on newgrounds)---All around fantastic user, has been here since '03

@CyberneticShotoKan (is on Newgrounds)--- A wonderful person overall. He really brightens my day and cheers me up when things are tough, I highly appreciate it

If you are paying me for a commission or something of that sort. It will go to my KoFi. https://ko-fi.com/mrroombus

The minimum price you can pay is 3... But if you want, I can throw in an extra small one to make it a tad more worth the price.


Comments (2)

redeyedpepper is a user made after they found out about me they steal my trade mark red eyes then they make this kind of post saying to avoid me just goes to show what type of people these are nasty ones HA I am actually glad you keep your furries away from me i have no problem with furries just you toxic freaks :)

Nah, @theredeyedpeeper is a friend of mine lmao.

@Dimension672 I want my name removed from your list on the count of I dont talk to people about YOU so why should you have the right to do that to me Hell if you cant say something nice then just remove my damn name hasnt your parents ever told you "if you aint got nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all" apparently not it seems like or you forgot ..

No. I'm warning people.